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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions IBANA Colombia The tour operator and travel agency IBANA Colombia hereby presents the following terms and conditions that are accepted when acquiring any of our services or experiences. If for any reason you do not agree with any of our policies, please contact us through the channels mentioned on our social media or website. You can also contact us at or WhatsApp (+57)3146133472. The use of our information and experience acquisition channels does not guarantee 100% security against malware, viruses, or software malfunctions at any given time. In no event shall the agency and operator IBANA Colombia be held liable for external monetary frauds or data collection carried out in its name. This website is offered to you for the acquisition of tourism services, transportation, and/or information in good faith, with the best quality service in mind and expecting excellent behavior from the person acquiring the service of interest. The use of IBANA Colombia's services and experiences as a third party without informing the operating agency constitutes a lack of responsibility on the part of the third party towards the company and towards the supposed clients of the third party. General Conditions Organization and Responsibilities The services presented and provided by the operating agency IBANA Colombia declare that it acts as a responsible provider of experience and tour services, food, ground and/or air transportation, accommodation, or any other service contracted through the website or any other direct means with the operating agency. Knowing the information provided above, the operating agency IBANA Colombia will always be committed to solving problems or delays that may arise during the operation, however, it is not responsible for external situations of major force, unforeseen circumstances, and beyond the power of the operating agency IBANA Colombia caused by strikes, extreme weather conditions, transportation delays for various reasons such as vehicle damage, unfortunate accidents, unexpected landslides, road closures for construction and/or repair work, earthquakes, quarantines, as well as for the material, personal or moral damages that the client may suffer due to loss, damage, or theft of luggage or high-value possessions, nor for accidents, illnesses, or deaths. Given the above context, the client must claim directly to the operating agency IBANA Colombia for any problem or conflict that may arise during the acquired service. The operating agency IBANA Colombia will be committed to collaborating as much as possible with all necessary information to solve any inconvenience that may occur. These "General Conditions" are governed by the rules of civil commercial order and other applicable laws. This website, as a travel agency, is subject to the liability regime established by Law 300/96 Decree 1075/97 and other regulatory decrees. Liability Clause This Travel Agency is subject to the liability regime established by Law 300/96, Decree 1075/97, Decree 2438 of 2010, and the rules that modify, add to or reform them. The liability of the organizer of the tourist plan or package is limited to the terms and conditions of the program in relation to the provision and quality of services. The agency assumes no responsibility to the user for air transport services unless it is a chartered flight and in accordance with the conditions of the transport contract. Refund policies for money from services not provided by IBANA Colombia due to major force, fortuitous events, action or omission of third parties or the passenger, not attributable to the travel agency, before or during the trip, which may be subject to refund, will be defined by each operator and will be confirmed to the user once the travel documents are reserved and issued, as well as the percentages of penalties or deductions that may apply. However, if the process takes longer due to causes beyond the travel agency's control, no interest will be recognized on the amounts to be refunded. The refund percentage will depend on the provider's conditions and the agency's administrative expenses. The agency assumes no responsibility to the user or traveler for unwanted events such as accidents, strikes, riots, earthquakes, climatic or natural phenomena, security conditions, political factors, denial of entry permits or visas, traveler's legal matters, health issues, and any other case of major force or fortuitous event that may occur before or during the tour experience. In case of force major force situations, fortuitous events (accidents, strikes, riots, earthquakes, climatic factors, safety conditions, health issues before or during the experience; in order to guarantee the proper fulfillment of the service, the operator, and/or agency may modify, replace or cancel points of the initial itinerary, dates, flights, hotels, optional services, which are accepted by the person who acquired and/or is carrying out the tourist experience at the time of acquiring the services with IBANA Colombia, and according to the specific terms and conditions of the plan. If a visa is required, it will be the total responsibility and exclusive autonomy of the consular authority, everything related to the process, the requested documents, the study, and costs, duration of the process and approval or rejection. In case of visa rejection, there will be no refund of the amounts paid by the applicant. In any case, it will be the total and exclusive responsibility of the passenger to process and fulfill the informed requirements. The terms and conditions specify the payment method and term for each plan. The value and payment method of deposits or advances, tickets, reservations for sports and cultural events, fairs, exhibitions, and similar. All of this is subject to the terms and conditions of the organizer of such events. Before, during, and after the experiences carried out by IBANA Colombia, the passenger will be fully responsible for the custody of their travel documents and luggage. The agency may guide the passenger in the event of lost luggage or travel documents, but under no circumstances will it be responsible for the loss, damage, deterioration, or loss of such items. All information regarding conditions, departure or entry taxes to Colombia or to different places of interest, fees, charges, and other mandatory payments, health measures, preventive measures of the destination, must be consulted by passengers before and during the activities, as well as on travel documents, according to the characteristics that apply to each one. All prices, rates, taxes, fees, or contributions, presented in this bulletin or quotation, are subject to change, availability, and validity without prior notice, which must be assumed by the passenger at the time of issuing travel documents. Restrictions and conditions apply to each published rate according to its validity. Hotel rates depend on the selected accommodation. Cancellation policies, penalties, restrictions, and particular conditions of the package will be informed to the passenger at the time of issuing travel documents. The customer declares that they know and accept in their entirety these conditions, which constitute the sole, total, and exclusive agreement of any pact or legal provision to the contrary, regarding the terms and conditions and restrictions of the contracted services. Authorizations, Licenses, and Trademarks The travel agency and operator IBANA owns this site and has the corresponding authorizations for the use of contents such as: images, graphics, characters, texts, software, and videos, among others, as well as HTML, CSS, PHP codifications, and other codes used to implement this site. No code or content may be modified, copied, distributed, retransmitted, used, reproduced, and/or published under any circumstances, except as expressly authorized by these rules and in the instructions of each section of this site. No code or content may be modified, copied, distributed, retransmitted, used, reproduced, and/or published under any circumstances, except as expressly authorized by these rules and in the instructions of each section of this site. By accepting these conditions, the user who submits reviews, images, videos, or comments on the site agrees to grant to the operating agency IBANA Colombia the non-exclusive, copyright-exempt, perpetual, irrevocable, and fully transferable right to third parties to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works, distribute, and display such reviews, images, videos, or comments worldwide and in any media. Any modification or use of the content or code of this site for purposes other than those permitted constitutes a violation of copyright laws and other intellectual property rights, as well as the criminal norms applicable to the particular situation. Users, and in general, those individuals intending to establish a link between any website and any of the pages of the website, must respect the corporate image and logo of this website. This site has been designed solely and exclusively for personal use. It is prohibited to commercialize the content, information, software, products, and services obtained from this site. The contents of this website are registered under copyright laws; it is a registered trademark of this tourism operating agency. If you have knowledge of an infringement of our trademark, please inform us at the email address Disclaimer The information, software, products, and services published on this website may contain errors and inaccuracies in rates and prices, particular errors. IBANA Colombia agency and operator do not guarantee the accuracy and decline all responsibility for errors in the information and description of content and/or services found on the website due to human errors or technological errors and information update of rates and information uploaded on the website or on technological or physical sites of providers of our services. In such a case, in the event of an unforeseen event and confusion regarding rates, provided information, and description of inclusions and exclusions in our experiences, you will be offered the opportunity to maintain your reservation at the correct price and with the correct information of inclusions and exclusions, or the cancellation of the reservation, without penalty, as long as you comply with the above descriptions. Services External providers may attach terms and conditions to their specificity without overriding the terms and conditions of IBANA Colombia. You as a user may accept or decline such clauses. Registrations and acceptance of experience participation The act of registering and accepting to participate in IBANA Colombia experiences implies that nothing should be understood or imagined as included if it is not written and specified in the experience programs. Limitations of personal and commercial use This site can only be used to make reservations or purchases and cannot be used for purposes other than those described herein. No speculative, false, or fraudulent reservations will be made. You as a user assume that you are of legal age to use the site and to accept the legal and economic obligations that this entails. Likewise, you agree that you are aware of all the responsibilities that arise from the use of the IBANA Colombia operator's website, whether caused by you or by third parties operating under your password. It is reported that, in the same way, the information, programming codes, products, and other services published may contain typographical errors and inaccuracies. Therefore, the IBANA Colombia operating agency will periodically make changes to update and improve the information provided. As a condition for using this site, you will be guaranteeing proper use, not engaging in any illegal or prohibited activity in the terms and conditions and requirements described in the paragraphs above. Connections and links with third-party portals This site may contain links (links) that connect to portals operated by third parties independent of the IBANA Colombia operating agency's website. The Travel Agency has no control over them and is not responsible for their contents. The inclusion of these sites on the IBANA Colombia website does not imply any kind of association with such third parties or their operators. This website has connections to other websites; please note that when you enter one of these links, you are entering a portal other than the website of this operating agency, and therefore it has no responsibility. It is advisable to read the instructions of these sites on their privacy, as these may be different from those offered by IBANA Colombia. Of course, you are solely responsible for keeping your passwords and the information contained in your user account secret. Please be very careful with this information. Personal data processing In compliance with Statutory Law 1581 of 2012, "Which establishes general provisions for the protection of personal data", (hereinafter LEPD) and its Regulatory Decrees 1377 of 2103, "By which Law 1581 of 2012 is partially regulated", and Decree 1074 of 2015" By means of which the Single Regulatory Decree of the Commerce, Industry, and Tourism Sector is issued, and other related regulations, it is informed to the data subject that by means of his unequivocal conduct he is reasonably authorizing the authorization for the processing of his personal data contained in this form unequivocally, voluntarily, without consent defects such as deceit, error, or intimidation which will be incorporated into a database the responsibility of the operator and agency of tourism IBANA Colombia, being treated with the purpose of: the administrative management of the operator and agency as well as the commercial management, contact and sending of commercial communications about our products and/or services. You may exercise your rights of access, updating, correction, deletion, revocation, or claim for infringement on your data, by written request addressed to the operator and tourism agency IBANA Colombia to the email address or WhatsApp (+57)3146133472, indicating in the Subject, "the right you wish to exercise". The Data Subject declares to have read the previous clause and to agree with it. Reservations, Payments, Deposits, and Refunds To proceed with reservations with IBANA Colombia, the following information is provided. After reading and understanding the experiences that IBANA Colombia offers for you as a customer, including the information on what is included and what is not included, you can then choose to accept or decline the suggested experience. Once the experience offered by IBANA Colombia is accepted, you can proceed with booking the experience under the terms and conditions specified below: 1.Pre-booking must be made no later than 48 hours before the chosen day by the client. 2.The pre-booking amount will be 15% of the total price of the experience chosen by the client. 3.The pre-booking amount is non-refundable as it is reserved by IBANA Colombia for transportation, guides, sites to visit, restaurants, lunches, dinners, special activities, and other types of reservations. 4.If the client wishes to make the complete reservation with 100% of the agreed price, it will be done without any inconvenience. 5.The reservation with 100% of the value will still be subject to a 15% non-refundable retention fee in case of cancellation. 6.The remaining amount for the service must be paid no later than 24 hours before the activity. 7.Failure to deposit the remaining amount for the activity no later than 24 hours before the agreed time to pick up the client may result in the cancellation of the activity by IBANA Colombia due to the client's lack of commitment to the tourism operating agency, and the 15% pre-booking retention fee will be applied. By contacting, accessing the website, messaging via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, or any other channel, or observing the experiences offered by IBANA Colombia, the client is accepting the terms and conditions held by the tourism operating agency IBANA Colombia. Similarly, IBANA Colombia will inform the client of the existing terms and conditions and will send a copy of the IBANA Colombia Terms and Conditions document for the client to read and accept. By making payment for the service or the pre-booking, the client automatically accepts all the terms and conditions explained above. If the client does not agree with the terms and conditions explained above, they have the right to decline the acquisition of services offered by IBANA Colombia and not acquire or pay for any activities. This declination can be made before making any payment or deposit. You can also express any concerns to Thank you very much for your understanding and willingness to acquire the services of IBANA Colombia.

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